VG Curation

Resetting the design narrative for each project, VG Curation work is about finding harmony and dynamism through the application of classic and modern design principles. Bespoke interiors that focus on beautiful textures and clean lines.

Leanne Graham is an experienced interior stylist and is rooted in the integration of beauty and function. She believes that homes are our retreats, our sanctuaries, our escape - intentional design should reflect that feeling and tell your story. By creating spaces that continually inspire using warm and modern elements, she styles to enhance your experience at home. Fluent in array of design aesthetics, she can provide a range of services that transform your home and reflect your personality, values and lifestyle.

Martin Vrzal is a lifestyle photographer specialising in interiors and architecture. In his portfolio you will mostly find interior and architecture photoshoots, as well as travel reportages, portraiture and food photography. He has worked with many high profile brands providing them with highly aesthetic images that are in fact visual stories about places, objects and people who design them

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