Serenity Sister

Your sister in the journey to awareness, self-love and holistic body balance.

A fully qualified Holistic Therapist/Reflexologist with additional qualifications in Lifestyle Guidance, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine/Frequency.

With personal experience of chronic illnesses, she has first hand experiences of the effects of lifestyle, stress, anxiety and keeping up with society's imagined expectations. This combined experience turned her to a holistic way of life and committed her to stimulate change in others and the collective, for the future.
A passionate speaker, as well as conducting treatments she has workshop and seminar programs to suit various types of environments and group needs. Her Lifestyle & Wellbeing show 'The Serenity Sister Show' is conducted on community radio station SunnyG Radio, every Saturday afternoon to offer inspiration and insight into many of the cultural aspects we are facing.

Free podcasts available on website (Sponsorship available for radio & podcasts)

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September 2020


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