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Shop with Two-Five Store and Plant a Tree

Shop with Two-Five Store and Plant a Tree

Glasgow-based independent online Two-Five are not only providing an amazing range of super cool products but they are also helping the planet. Every time you shop with Two-Five Store you will plant a tree.

In collaboration with Ecologi the store will offset the carbon footprint of your order by funding the planting of one tree and the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere every time you shop with us.

Visit https://ecologi.com/two-five to see how many trees they have planted so far!

Shop with Two-Five Store and Plant a Tree

Two-five is an independent online store created with the ambition of selling unique and elegant design products. Established in 2020 by two young designers and illustrators, it pursues its founders' vision of sharing their love and passion for design, art, and aesthetics through a catalogue of painstakingly designed and handcrafted products.

Two-five represents our idea of design: it is all about simplicity of colours, and elegance of shapes and lines. Our mission is to share this idea with you all while offering you something truly unique.

Find out more about Two-Five here: https://www.businesscollectivescotland.com/art-and-design/two-five

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