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Pure Roasters explore Scottish Coffee Infusions - but they need your help!

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Business Collective Scotland members Pure Roasters are deeply passionate about two things - incredible coffee and Scotland! The Glasgow based kings of Scottish puns have been blending ethical coffee beans for the last year and have been winning fans all over Scotland and beyond - now they have plans to expand into new ideas and a new space but they need your help.

They have set up a Indiegogo Crowdfunder to help them with the move - and you can grab yourself some great rewards in the process. Donate here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/scottish-coffee-infusions#/


‘To accommodate this new business we want to move into a coffee manufacturing plant and introduce some new more experimental coffees to the Scottish market.

This is where we need you!  We have spent every penny we have in getting new roasting equipment built while keeping up with rising operating expenses due to increased sales.  A good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless...

This campaign will raise the small amount of up-front investment needed to add to our range of blends by introducing flavour fusions e.g Whisky barrel, Scottish Heather, lavender and vanilla.'

‘We intend to grow our team up to 15 staff by end of year 3.  Your investment will help us achieve this.  Our monthly sales are already above £10k per month and we have over 250 regular coffee subscribers.

Aside from the funny names, our coffee really does make a difference to the farmers who produce it.  We only ever use ethically sourced beans and make sure the farmers are paid well.

Your money isn't just going to a promising Scottish company and creating jobs in an area that needs the work.  You are also helping to eradicate commodity (slave trade) coffee from the world market. Our new premises should create a small amount of tourism too, with visitors dropping by to sample the freshest coffee Scotland has to offer.’

Visit their profile here: https://www.businesscollectivescotland.com/food-and-drink

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