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New Member: Condie Design

Delighted to welcome our next New Member to #businesscollectivescotland@condiedesign … helping you to brighten your walls with Handmade Aluminium Wall Art

Condie is a brand that makes aluminum, folded and sprayed wall mounted objects based around nature. Founded by multi-award winning Irish artist Kevin Callaghan who holds a Masters from the Royal College of Art in London.

Kevin exhibits nationally and internationally with collections in The Victoria & Albert Museum and The Science and Applied Arts Museum in London, he has a major residency coming up in Paris at The Irish Culture Center and a new ceramic range for Condie in August 2021.

Whether a home, office, professional or architectural space, Condie’s clean geometric lines and energetic colours set off any wall. If you are renovating, decorating or developing a space, Condie is a dynamic solution.


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