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Molly Hankinson Champions Womxn and all things Glasgow in her vibrant street exhibition

Jack Arts Scotland is a creative out of home agency specialising in the art and culture space, working with a variety of creative clients, and dedicated to championing artists on the street, they are pleased to announce their latest collaboration with Glasgow-based visual artist and Business Collective Scotland Molly Hankinson for the latest instalment of Your Space Or Mine.

Molly’s practice concentrates on the honest and unapologetic representation of womxn and non-binary people through painting, printmaking, and hand-drawn and digital illustration. She explores themes surrounding (self)representation, reclamation and celebration within the wider realm of contemporary femininity. Her subjects are characterised in a powerful way and are celebrated through the highlighting of shared experiences, achievements and struggles that fall under the intersectional umbrella of womxnhood.

In the latest Your Space or Mine collaboration, which provides a platform for artists on the street, Jack Arts Scotland are delighted to showcase a curated selection of Hankinson’s vibrant artworks from her impressive repertoire in an outdoor gallery display - ensuring the street level exhibition is safely accessible for a wide audience to discover and enjoy.

Of the display, Hankinson says: “I’ve included sixteen of what I’d consider to be my strongest pieces to date; I have also considered certain themes running through the collection which I think underpins my values of championing inclusive representation, creating powerful celebrations of contemporary femininity with a bold colour aesthetic to match. There is also a strong Glasgow theme running throughout where possible, with the majority of them either set in particular place in Glasgow, and/or incorporating tongue-in-cheek nods to Scottish identity i.e a can of Irn Bru or similar! Three of the pieces came out of a collaboration I did with another female-led independent business last year where we deliberately wanted to celebrate our great city by choosing famous/infamous locations across Glasgow. There are also a couple of pieces which I created during lockdown (one of them being my self-portrait, ‘This Must be the Place’ which was featured in The Alchemy Experiment’s Love in the Time of Covid, the other ‘At Arm’s Length’, a piece about looking after your mental health during lockdown), and whilst they don’t specifically refer to the pandemic I think that they are a nice subliminal nod to the experiences we’ve collectively been facing and they look at how to grow and adapt in times of crisis.”

Art critic Adrian Burnham has explored the new display in thoughtful blog piece now available on the website, commenting: “Molly Hankinson produces bold and subtly detailed, inclusive celebrations of feminine vitality. Hankinson is exceptionally responsive and inventive in visual terms. But her works are not only the result of closely observing her subjects – she also listens to their stories and dreams, their challenges and triumphs. And then communicates these to the viewer.”

“Hankinson’s figures project dispositions that are variously distinctive, powerful – her subjects clearly own their space – and at the same time often exude warmth as well as supreme self-assurance.”

“The surroundings in Hankinson’s artwork can be just as ‘talkative’ as the people she depicts. There’s a bold use of architectural detail, dynamic patterning, inventive rendering of textures and cleverly abstracted forms – the flora is a particular delight – and a wealth of precious objects, the stuf we live with, the comfort of things. In commissioned pieces she captures her subjects’ likeness and then adds carefully curated details that embellish these portraits with clues to events and stories that carry further cherished meanings.”


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