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Doug Shapley Photography helps Manchester’s Blossom Coffee with brand identity

Like most major Scottish towns Manchester has its fair share of coffee shops and coffee roasters so Blossom Coffee has collaborated with Doug Shapley Photography to help them stand out.

The brief was focussed on Blossom Coffee build their brand identity of an accessible and environmentally friendly speciality coffee roastery.

It was important for the brand to capture the product but also build a picture of the brand behind the scenes.

Andy at Blossom Coffee Roasters:

For us, choosing the right photographer involved a far greater responsibility than simply choosing a particular style. It was important that we found someone who understood and shared our environmental values and who was able to communicate that story in an interesting and engaging way.
Doug has a well-established background in conservation and wildlife photography and has written widely about the ability of imagery to inspire others to safeguard nature. We have been totally blown away by his ability to capture often complex narratives in a set of still images and his direction on the aesthetic feel of the brand has been invaluable to keeping Blossom accessible. 


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Learn more about Blossom Coffee Here: https://blossomcoffee.co.uk/

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