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Fashion brand Chouchou Creates Face Masks for Cafe Strange Brew

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

This year has been a strange one for small businesses to say the least. Many have found themselves pivoting their business to meet new demands and new retail climates. One of our members who pivoted without hesitation very early on in the covid-19 world is Chouchou.

Chouchou halted production on their new fashion collection in February 2020 at the very beginning of lockdown and quickly moved to making masks, focussing on new market needs and priorities and after months of passionate work and efforts, a gorgeous, protective and sustainable fashion mask was born.

Creative Director Silvia says ‘I wanted to give the public something to look forward to, since wearing a mask isn't a pleasant experience in general, the point was to improve the experience to the maximum and make it exciting.'

As well as the face masks using sustainable fabrics the brand also quickly realised the need for masks which gave the user protection so they researched the most effective filters, shoppers have the option of including a certified German filter protective with up to 99.9% against virus and bacteria.

Local Glasgow independent eatery Cafe Strange Brew has recently commissioned Chouchou to create face masks for staff to keep them safe while working.

‘The challenge was to make the face masks as comfortable and sleek as possible, using the brand logo in white against the black cotton. And the final results are glorious! Now the masks are traveling to Glasgow and we are looking forward to seeing them on the staff.’  

Learn more Chouchou here: https://www.businesscollectivescotland.com/fashion/Chouchou

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