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Bellissimo Vino Edinburgh has UK Exclusive on Helix Cork Technology

HELIX is a unique cork-glass packaging innovation for the still wine segment.  The solution combines all the benefits of cork and glass – quality, sustainability and premium image – with user-friendly, re-sealable convenience.

Business Collective Scotland wine supplier member Bellissimo Vino Edinburgh has been granted the UK exclusive on the new exciting Helix technology.

Gary from Bellissimo Vino commented:

'It’s exclusive to us and a first of its kind with a twist and reseal cork. No corkscrew needed and no cheap aluminium screw top too. A high quality cork which prevents cork taint too.
If you fancy only a glass? No problem ... you can reseal and enjoy later on and the wine stays fresh for up to two weeks. If you’re like us then the wine won’t last that long but it’s prevents the wine from oxidising. This is revolutionary in the wine world and soon will be the future. It’s exciting for us.'

Find more about Bellissimo Vino Edinburgh here: https://www.businesscollectivescotland.com/food-and-drink/Bellissimo-Vino-

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