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Belocine of Nephtali Couture invited to discuss importance of Black Pound Day by Princes Trust

Kiss FM DJ AJ King chats to Amani Simpson, Belocine Musolo, Joel Sydenham and Sherry Diaz-Thompson about the importance of Black Pound Day

About this Event

To celebrate Black History Month this October, The Prince’s Trust Cultural Awareness Network (PT CAN) is hosting a range of internal and public-facing virtual events to engage our community.

In this panel discussion, celebrity ambassador and Kiss FM DJ AJ King speaks to three young people who started their businesses with The Prince's Trust, and social entrepreneur and change-maker Amani Simpson. The chat will focus on #BlackPoundDay (Saturday 3rd October) - a campaign that encourages consumers to support and shop from Black-owned brands.

You'll hear from Belocine Musolo, founder of Nephtali Couture, Joel Sydenham, a creative artist and founder of Chidi3s Art, and Sherry Diaz-Thompson, founder of Safehearts Training. They will share more about their businesses, what #BlackPoundDay means for them, and black entrepreneurs and inventors that inspire them.

Following the discussion there will be a Q+A session so you can ask questions to AJ, Amani, Belocine, Joel and Sherry.

Belocine Musolo is a French and Congolese self-taught designer. While studying Biology, she was always interested in Fashion, Designing and Catwalks.

In 2012, she wanted to buy an African dress, which was too expensive for the student she was. She decided to buy a sewing machine and do it herself, without even knowing anything about tailoring.

6 years later, she moved from Paris to Ayr (Scotland) after University. Always walking with her handmade African outfits on, she realised that there weren't many people around wearing these ethnic and colourful fabrics.

With Nephtali Couture, Belocine wants to share her double culture through clothing. So you can add a sparkle to your style with an African Touch!

Find out more about the other speakers and the event here: https://bit.ly/305ulmI

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