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4 Business Collective Members Collaborate on £150 Giveaway

Collaboration is one of our key values and we love to see our members work on a project together, to help share their knowledge and customer base.

House of Rothach, Pure Roasters Coffee, Temple De Luna and Myra Ann Purcell Jewellery have come together to offer one lucky winner a prize worth over £150!

You will win:

x1 Strawberry & Zest 6oz candle.

x1 Lavender 3.5oz candle.

x1 Palmarosa Wax Air/Melt Disc.

x2 Lavender Botanical Wax Melts.

x1 150g Mad Wae It - original ground coffee.

x1 150g Heavy Goff - dark roast coffee.

x1 150g Patter Watter - high caffeine ground coffee.

x1 150g Bolt - extra strong ground coffee.

x1 180g High Priestess Butter - Vetiver & Patchouli.

x1 50g High Priestess Serum - Vetiver & Patchouli.

x1 Pair of hand crafted sterling silver Circle Chain Hoops.

To enter visit the House of Rothach Instagram page and follow the instructions!


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