Version 1, June 2020


Business Collective Scotland CIC (BCS) is a membership based Community Interest Company whose purpose is to celebrate, support and connect small, independent businesses across Scotland through our online platform. 


These terms and conditions may be updated by BCS at any time. In this case, updated terms and conditions will be provided to members by email and made available at www.businesscollectivescotland.com 


Vision & Values

• Support local: at the heart of everything we do, BCS was created to promote and support businesses local to us in Scotland.

• Quality over quantity: BCS aims to provide a quality and varied directory of small businesses who not only have a great product and/or service but also share our values and passion for supporting small companies.

• Diversity and inclusion: BCS is open to all regardless of gender, background or ethnicity and will aim to; create a diversity company policy for recruitment of staff and members, actively recruit members from the BAME community, and provide a diversity policy template for members.

• Community: our community of small businesses are at the heart of all we do and we will seek to engage with members to help shape the collective’s activities to best meet their needs.

• Environment: Encourage members to be sustainable and champion those members who have a low/zero waste approach.


Applications to join the Collective

BCS is carefully curated to provide a high quality and varied directory of small businesses. As such, all applications to join the collective will be screened. Applications are not guaranteed to be progressed, though all applicants will be given a clear indication if they have been successful within 4 weeks of application being made.


Membership Terms & Fees

Membership terms are available in a minimum of 3 month periods, with prices specified to applicants and confirmed by invoice. These terms will be agreed to by members on submission of application to join the collective. Once payment has been received by BCS, members will be given the commencement and expiry dates of listing. Minimum periods are fixed and no cancellations or refunds will be possible.


Membership Benefits

Once confirmed, BCS will endeavour to activate your membership and listing within two weeks of receipt of information. We aim to provide an uninterrupted service throughout your term and any issues will be made known to you at the earliest opportunity.


Membership Renewal

Members will be contacted by BCS no later than 2 weeks prior to the expiry date of listing.



Membership Termination

These terms apply to you as soon as you access our service by any means and continue in effect until they are terminated. BCS withhold the right to terminate membership at any time, if members violate or breach these terms and conditions. Members can request removal of their listing and access to services at any time. Minimum periods are fixed and no cancellations or refunds will be possible in either case.


Member Conduct

BCS expects members to conduct themselves appropriately whilst making use of this service. We are committed to celebrating a diverse and inclusive community open to all. Abuse of these values in any form will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of membership. This expectation extends to all interaction between members and BCS, including, but not limited to, on websites, social media platforms and member groups.


Privacy & Personal Information

We know your personal information is important to you and it is important to BCS too. Information provided to BCS or collected through BCS properties is governed by our Privacy Policy.


Use of Images

Members must supply their own images to be featured. In doing so, members agree they have permission to use these images and pass on authority to BCS to use these images as we see fit and without credit on platforms including, but not limited to, websites and social media platforms. 


Release & Indemnification

Members agree that BCS, its officers, directors and employees will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, judgement, liability or expense suffered by or rendered against the member on any account of anything arising out of this agreement.


Contact Us

If you have a question or concern about our services or terms and conditions, please contact us by email: info@scottishbusinesscollective.com. We will try to answer your question or resolve your concern.