Knitting on Cloud Nine

Knitting on Cloud Nine aims to teach, encourage and support children & adults in knitting & crochet through simple, modern design, eco conscious & mindful makes. Knitting is a heritage life skill which offers so much. As a descendant of fisher folk on Scotland's East coast Rosie was brought up knitting as a child. She always wondered why more young people didn't knit. Nowadays knitting & crochet are cool again and here at Knitting on Cloud Nine we are embracing this revival and supporting a new legacy of knitters through fun, sociable & empowering events for all ages. Our classes, online workshops & kits for home use natural, high quality materials that are environmentally focussed. We partner with charities, local councils, business & community groups to deliver tailored sessions. Importantly, in these modern times, knitting & crochet can act as a bridge to mindful relaxation. A strategy to switch off & unwind as well as make new friends & socialise (even if it's online). Knitting is a Scottish tradition worth nurturing.

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