Vintage Horizons

We are Anne & Andre of Vintage Horizons, our shop is at 201-203 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G1 5DY

Vintage Horizons evolved as a lifestyle choice for a better quality of life which enables us to work together whilst doing something that we enjoy. The environment is important to us; we always re-purpose, recycle and upcycle wherever possible.

Our main focus is our ‘Made in Glasgow’ range, which includes designing & creating unique interior lighting and home décor pieces. This includes upcycled Camera Lamps on Vintage Tripods, and Lamps made from industrial tools like Wood Planes, Blow Torches, Primus Stoves, Water Bottles, Oil Cans, Drums Kits and pretty much anything that we can re-purpose, and therefore save from landfill.nWe also design and create a range of Cufflinks in many styles, and upcycle Vinyl LPs into Wall Clocks and Wall Art with a variety of designs and original artwork.

In our shop we always have a broad range of carefully curated vintage & retro items to suit all tastes and pockets. This includes Vintage Jewellery, Cameras, Ceramics, Radios, Record Players, and Furniture. These pieces are from a variety of sources both here in Scotland, the rest of the UK and across Europe

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July 2020

201-203 Gallowgate Glasgow G1 5DY


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Proudly made in Scotland

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