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Colonel Anne was a Jacobite given the nom de guerre, "La Belle Rebelle", by Bonnie Prince Charlie. She has inspired a traditional bittersweet lightly sparkling cider that’s refreshing, crisp and well balanced. Packed with plenty of juicy fruit flavours it has enough mouthfeel to let you know you are drinking the real thing. It's very moreish yet refined and not intended for guzzling.

At the Hamilton Cider Company we are proud of our cider and have concentrated on making one product very well. Colonel Anne is a Scottish cider and this is where she was fermented, matured and bottled. Our cider is 100% derived from apples with no artificial sugars, sweeteners, preservatives or allergens. It is suitable for vegetarians, vegans (even carnivores) and is gluten free.

Colonel Anne has been allowed to slowly ferment in order to retain as much of the apple aromas as possible. She is then left to mature and develop her complex flavours for many months until she's ready for bottling. It's a slow process but makes the best cider and that’s what we’re all about. Raise a glass to the Colonel.

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Proudly made in Scotland


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