Wonky Lemon

Wonky Lemon

Wonky Lemon is a small-batch unique jewelry shop that started during the Covid lock-down in April. I am Eva, the person behind it. I originally come from Greece, I have been living in Scotland since 2016, and my full time job is an architect!

Design has been a part of my everyday life for many years, but what I enjoy even more with Wonky Lemon is the process of continuously experimenting and improving.

What usually inspires me in making my jewelry is different art styles and colour or shape combinations. However, a lot of times there is no pre-drafted design and I just follow the flow of the moment!

Every item is designed, baked, sanded, drilled, packaged and shipped slowly and with love, by myself.

I try very hard to be as sustainable as possible; I waste no material at all and avoid using anything plastic! All the scrap clay material left from the main collections is used to create limited affordable items. My packaging is eco-friendly and part of it comes from reused wrapping paper. Also, I purchase my materials from the local market!